The Ally Ship
Service without Subversion. Support without Stipulation.

The Ally Ship




The Ally Ship was founded by 400+1, a predominately Black cooperative federation, as singular opportunity for a true community of Allies, without subversion or stipulation. A group, created from go, not by allies attempting to find, make, or insert their place in a struggle that is not their own, but rather by the black foremothers of 400+1, Kristina Brown and Njera Keith, who trust faithful allies to stand with them in the willful and knowing disruption of inequity.

What makes The Ally Ship unique and revolutionary are its precise definition of allyship, its focus on reparations as a social responsibility and its development of systemic support; modeled after 400+1’s structure. Before The Ally Ship, allies were often encouraged to hatch their own schemes in efforts to help and support the Black liberation movement. Often times, this lack of cohesion and clear direction derailed the efforts of the very organizers we sought to assist.

The Ally Ship is not a group of leaders or experts. Rather we model a role of pliable utility. Seeking knowledge, self assurance, and autonomy within our own organization, only so that we may better serve and support the 400+1 federation in the struggle for black liberation. We recognize our role as essential to the universal survival of a thriving equitable world.

The Ally Ship is the only ally organization to hold a formal role within the larger federation: 400+1 leverages Black intellectual and charismatic leadership to accumulate revenue for the federation through its Collective (L1s). Relies on procedural leadership to equitably manage resources and implement the collective ides of the federation through its Institution (L2s) Carves out space for the most marginalized in the Black communities to build the capacity to freedom fight at its cooperative commonwealths (L3s). Utilizes traditional grassroots organizing as a radicalization tool for the masses through its constellation of organizations (L4s).